The Tankless Water Heater Pump?

Instantanetankless water heaterous Tankless Water Heaters are an amazing way to save space and energy in your home. There are dozens of innovative designs and styles available for you to choose from. The concept is quite simple, cold water coming from the outside of your home is instantly heated and delivered to your shower or faucet.

That's what you are told.

The truth is that if your shower or faucet is more than a few feet away from the tankless water heater you are going to have to wait until the cold water in the water line is pushed out of the way. The claim of instant hot water at every faucet is shattered. Worse than that, since your fixture may be on the other side of the house, you may start receiving hot water and then have it turned suddenly cold again.

The solution is the UCT 909 Tankless Water Heater Pump, and now for retrofit applications the ACT 909 Tankless Water Heater Pump, from Laing Thermotech. Plumbers across the country have been installing small circulating pumps to try to solve this problem. The problem with using a small circulator pump with a tankless water heater is that there is not enough water flow to cause the heater to activate. The Laing UCT 909 Tankless Water Heater Pump is designed to maintain adequate water flow so your heater will work properly and you can enjoy the benefits of a tankless water heater.

NEW ACT 909 Retrofit Tankless Water Heater Pump

  • No more waiting for hot water
  • No more wasting water
  • No more "Cold Water Surprises" in the middle of a shower
  • No more wasting energy

The water heater uses less energy to maintain water temperature than when heating up cold water, so you save money!

tankless water heaterThe UCT 909 Tankless Water Heater pump is field proven and is only available from plumbers and wholesalers of Laing Thermotech Inc. The tankless water heater pump is now in stock throughout the country.

Ask your local plumber for Laing. Only Laing pump can do the job right. Laing - the leader in hot water circulation technology.

Download UCT 909 Brochure

Download ACT 909 Brochure

Every Tankless Water Heater Needs a Tankless Water Heater Pump

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